The custody track gets a boost from 1 good news in YRKKH to know how?

The custody track has got a boost from 1 good news in YRKKH. YRKKH 15th July 2023 Written Update. Manjiri creates a scene and tells Akshara to leave the Birla house if she wants Abhir’s betterment and harmony in the Birla family. Akshara clarifies that she came only for Abhir’s well-being and brings his old shoes for his first day at school. She tells why Abhir will be comfortable wearing old shoes.

She expresses her concern and care as a mother, but Manjiri condemns her. Manjiri tells him to stop going to Abhir again and again, or else he will never be able to adjust to Abhimanyu. She tells Akshara to let Abhir learn things on his own and stop interfering. Aarohi supports Akshara. Manjiri is not surprised. Akshara cries and leaves from there. Ruhi sees the whole argument and runs to Abhir, who is struggling with new shoes.

The custody track gets a boost from 1 good news in YRKKH to know how?
The custody track gets a boost from 1 good news in YRKKH to know how?

They ask Muskaan to take household duties seriously. Kairav and Abhinav fail to rescue Muskaan. Abhinav wonders where Akshara has gone all this time. Ruhi tells Abhir that Akshara has come and Manjiri is shouting at her. Abhi runs to meet his mother, but she leaves by then. Abhir’s hopes are shattered once again. Manjiri does not feel Akshara’s pain.

On the other hand, Surekha accuses Muskaan of being reckless and putting the family’s lives at risk. She tells that if Muskaan’s mistake was not noticed then Suhasini would have died today. Suhasini also asks Muskaan to be responsible when she learns that Akshara’s mental state is not right.

Muskaan feels guilty that she did not pay attention to Akshara when she was cooking in the kitchen. Neela asks him to learn from his mistakes and try not to do it again. She encourages to smile. Kairav pacifies Muskaan and hugs her lovingly. He tells her that she is perfect for him. That makes her happy.

Akshara comes to Abhimanyu and vents Manjiri’s anger on him. She tells him about Manjiri’s harsh behavior. He misunderstands her words and thinks that she is speaking about Neil’s loss. He asks Akshara if she apologized to Manjiri for Neil’s death.

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Akshara tells him that she is talking about Abhir and fears that Abhir will become like Abhimanyu if he stays with the Birla family. She further says that he can never understand her fear. He replies that he is Abhir’s father and that his son is already like him.

Surekha did not believe him. Akshara scolds Surekha for deliberately showing favoritism towards Muskaan. Manish agrees with Akshara and defends Muskaan. Suhasini apologizes to Muskaan for not trusting her. Kairav is thankful to Akshara for solving the problem. Abhir worries about hurting Akshara’s feelings. Akshara reaches home and sees Surekha scolding Muskaan for keeping the stove on. She clarifies to the family that it was her fault and Muskaan is innocent.

Abhimanyu and Ruhi surprise Abhir to make him happy. They leave for school. Akshara gets the good news that she has passed the law exam. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri to stop overreacting on seeing Abhinav and Akshara meeting Abhir, else Abhir will get away from them. The Goenkas are happy at his success. The news reached the Birla family. Abhimanyu and Abhir come to meet Akshara and congratulate her.

He asks her to try to understand his pain. Akshara walks out, while Abhimanyu enters the house and sees Abhir shouting at Manjiri. He pacifies Abhir, who tells him that Manjiri is bad for scolding Akshara and leaving her. Abhir gets very upset with Manjiri and refuses to love the family. He takes a stand for Akshara. He refused to take his new uniform and shoes. He says that he will not go to school. Abhimanyu apologizes to Abhir. He gets Abhir ready for school and realizes that his dream has come true.