Kundali Bhagya 14th July Spoiler: Will Nidhi's plan to defame Rajbir at Kavya's wedding save her?

Kundali Bhagya 14th July Spoiler: In the upcoming new episode of Kundali Bhag, the story is going to be very good, this time Rajveer is in Luthra’s house, Mahesh and Karan forcefully invite him to go to Luthra’s house and Mahesh takes him to Luthra house. Where poetry is about to stop. Rakhi becomes very happy after sending Rajveer to the Luthra house.

The twist in the Kundali Bhagya story will come when Rajveer will fall in Nidhi’s trap. Sorry, and Nidhi are now working together to bring down Rajveer and Luthra’s family. In today’s new episode, you will see that Kavya is happily married to Rajveer. Seeing her smile, I miss my family and Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 14th July Spoiler: Rajbir will give Kavya the boon of mother’s happiness in love

Kavya gets ready for the roka and remembers Preeta. After a while, Rajput starts taking care of the arrangements in our and Kavya’s roka. Seeing Rajveer taking care of the Nirutara family in this manner, Karan tells Mahesh that Rajveer and Preeta are similar.

After that Mahesh is completely shocked to hear what Karan says, Mahesh says that Rajveer and Preeta are one and the same and look like Mahesh being Acharya. Mahesh tells that Preeta and Rajbir live together because of this Rajbir behaves like Papreeta.

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Nidhi made a new plan against Rajbir

After that, you will see Nidhi feeling jealous seeing the Luthra family happy in this way and says that your eyes are soon going to be filled with sorrow as soon as Rajveer will get trapped in her trap all this happiness will turn into sorrow. Nidhi informs Shaurya about a very dangerous plan to take revenge on Rajveer.

Nidhi tells Shaurya that Kavya is not in love with the person Kavya is having sex with, but Kavya loves Lajbe, or Shaurya gets shocked hearing this. What do you think, what kind of plan has been made to take revenge on Nidhi Rajveer? Must tell by commenting.