4 epic twists of Kundali Bhagya leap into the new track

He sees Preeta in front of his eyes, while in reality Nidhi is with him. Nidhi confesses her love for Karan. She imagines Karan reciprocating her love and happily accepting her into his life. 4 epic twists Leap into the new track of Kundali Bhagya. Karan imagines that Preeta is with him during Kavya’s roka ceremony. He is asked to perform a dance with Nidhi. Karan misses Preeta so much that he goes to a corner and cries for her. He dreams of a romantic dance with Preeta.

Mahesh tells the family that Karan is possessive about Kavya and Karan will not forgive Varun if Varun hurts Kavya. He warned Varun in a funny manner. The Luthra family shared happy moments. Rajveer calls Preeta on call and shows her the rituals of Kavya’s roka.

Vikrant and Saloni want the marriage to happen as soon as possible without any hindrance. Rishi tried a lot to make Lakshmi understand the truth. He fails in his attempt. He tells Lakshmi to marry Vikrant if she wants. Malishka tries to bring Vikrant and Lakshmi closer. Rishi angrily applies henna to Lakshmi and says that he is very happy for her.

Vikrant gets down on his knees and romantically asks Lakshmi to dance. Lakshmi held his hand. The two make a romantic display, while Rishi watches them jealously. Rishi fears that Lakshmi’s life will be destroyed due to Vikrant’s deceit. Malishka asks Rishi to dance. Rishi is upset. Ayush and Shalu also know the truth about Vikrant. They are also afraid of Lakshmi. Rishi wants the family to know the truth about Vikrant. Ayush and Shalu plan to make Vikrant confess to his crime.

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Koel is shocked to see the burnt dupatta. Chintu takes the blame to save Titli from the scolding. Titli fixes the dupatta and does the unexpected. She gets praised by everyone. Chintu gets ousted from the function. Titli wants Chintu to attend her wedding. ।

Koyal is shocked to see the burnt dupatta. To save Titli from scolding, Chintu takes the blame upon himself. Titli fixes the dupatta and does an unexpected job. He is praised by everyone. Chintu was thrown out of the ceremony. Titli wants Chintu to attend her wedding.

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Shweta meets Chiku and thanks Dhara for finding him. Dhara gets hopeful that the family will unite. Chiku stays annoyed with Dhara and leaves with Shweta. He doesn’t want to go back to Dhara. Dhara wishes he comes back home, but doesn’t force him.

Dhara finally finds Chiku and Natasha. She tells Chiku that she loves him a lot. He tells that if she loved him then she would have stopped him from leaving the house. She tells that she did it for the sake of his happiness. Pandya family gets together to rescue the kids from the jungle. Gautam and Dhara find the kids and bring them home.