3 surprises in Kundali Bhagya Radha Mohan Bhagya Lakshmi, know how?

3 surprises in Kundali Bhagya Radha Mohan Bhagya Lakshmi. Malishka described Lakshmi and Vikrant’s pair as the best. She asks them to show everyone that they are the best. Shalu and Aayush share a romantic moment. He flirts with her and asks for a kiss. She tells that she knows what to give on his cheek. She talks about slapping. He tells that she is getting bold day by day. Vikrant asks Lakshmi if she will dance with him on his special day. Lakshmi and Vikrant dance to a romantic song. Rishi sees them and gets jealous. Rishi dreams of Lakshmi and their romance. Both dance in a romantic style and look very happy together. He tells Lakshmi that he loves her a lot and asks her if she loves him too. He holds her hand and does not let her go towards Vikrant.

Kundali Bhagya:

Kritika tells that Karan’s possessiveness is very cute. Varun promises to never hurt Kavya and also take care of her. Karan says sorry to him. Varun asks them to tell Kavya not to beat him up. The family laughs. Kavya tells Karan that it’s wrong to be so possessive. Karan tells her that if she feels a little bit hurt also, she should come to him and he knows how to handle things. Kavya calls him Mr. Handsome like she used to call him in childhood. He hugs her happily. Rajveer thinks it’s good Karan loves one of his children for real.

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Radha Mohan:

Kaveri gets mad that Tulsi cut Damini’s hair because of Radha. She tells that she will kill Radha. She swears to take revenge. Damini asks her to calm down. Kaveri swears to throw Radha out of the house. Tulsi gets emotional seeing her mother and brother. She sees them after a long time and gets happy. Gungun’s Nani gets many gifts for her. Gungun is surprised and thanks her. Nani tells that she has a special gift for Gungun. Gungun gets curious to know about it. Damini wants her plan to get into action.

Nani tells Gungun that Tulsi left the special gift for her. Damini knows Radha and Mohan’s relationship will shatter now. She pushes Radha out of the house and accuses her of killing Tulsi. Damini frames Radha and makes her fall in Mohan’s eyes, just when Mohan prepares to confess love to Radha. Mohan confesses his love to Radha but is shocked to know that Radha is Tulsi’s murderer. Radha gets arrested, while Mohan and Gungun receive a huge shock seeing the evidence produced by Damini.