14th July 2023 Written Update Bhagya Laxmi Hell's Warning Bhagya Laxmi

He tells Lakshmi that he won’t let Rishi enter her room now. He warns Rishi not to create hurdles in their marriage because their happiness is connected. He threatens Rishi that he can die and kill as well for Lakshmi’s sake. He tells that he loves Lakshmi a lot and he has a right to her. He tells Lakshmi that she must stay away from Rishi. Bhagya Lakshmi 14th July 2023 Written Update Hell warning. Vikrant tells Rishi that Lakshmi will complete him and give him happiness.

He insults Rishi in front of Lakshmi. He asks Rishi to leave. He tells that Rishi must be careful and not walk into her room when she is alone because she belongs to Vikrant now. Rishi weeps in sorrow. Lakshmi feels bad for Rishi. Rishi tells that he is very happy for them. He wishes them all the best and leaves. Vikrant wants to kill Rishi. Rishi goes to his room and turns angry. He tells that Vikrant is threatening him.

He does not want to leave Vikrant free. He controls his nature. He says if Vikrant repeats this next time, he will break his face. Lakshmi remembers Vikrant’s words and Rishi’s tears. She tells that Vikrant did not correct Rishi by scolding him. She doesn’t know why this is happening. She is also hurt by Vikrant’s words.

She goes to meet Rishi. She finds him troubled. She says Vikrant should not have said that. He asks her why is she acting now when she remained silent and did not stop Vikrant from insulting her. He asks her not to apologise on behalf of Vikrant. She asks what can she do. He says she could have slapped Vikrant. He feels bad that he did not save her from humiliation. He asks her why did she tolerate his insult. He questions her.

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He tells her that he is feeling sad. She tells him that she is also hurt. Rishi asks her why she didn’t reply to Vikrant and whether Vikrant has become more valuable than her. He doesn’t want her forgiveness. He asks her why she remained silent. He questions his judgement when he sees Vikrant controlling him.
He asks her if she will become Vikrant’s puppet. He tells her that Vikrant is not the right person for her. He asks her to cancel the marriage. He pleads to win her trust. He tells her that when she marries Vikrant and he learns her truth, she will not be able to break the marriage and by then it will be too late.

He tells Lakshmi that Vikrant’s first wife knows he is getting remarried, and even then she isn’t stopping him. He asks her to stay away from Vikrant. Lakshmi tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells that his opinion about Vikrant is right because Vikrant is really a disgusting person. She requests him to stop saying the same thing repeatedly.
Rishi angrily pushes her and asks her to go to hell. He asks her to use her mind and understand him. He tells her that he loves her and he can never lie to her. She feels he loves her and that’s the reason he is lying about Vikrant. He tells that he can never think wrong about her.

He promises that he just wants her happiness. She asks him to let this marriage happen. He tells her that she has started loving Vikrant, so she is dying to marry him. He rebukes her for being willing to marry the fraud, Vikrant. He yells at her. He tells that he has done a lot for her, but she wants to marry Vikrant. He asks her to do as she wants, but she will regret a lot. He warns her about Vikrant’s truth. He asks her to never come back to him. Lakshmi feels sorry to hurt Rishi so much. She thinks of his words and weeps.

Meanwhile, Saloni comes to meet Lakshmi. She acts sweet and shares her excitement over welcoming Lakshmi into her family. She asks Lakshmi to wear the bangles which Vikrant gifted her. She takes Lakshmi downstairs. Vikrant lies to the family that his elder brother isn’t coming to attend the marriage. Anjana also pretends nice.
Vikrant greets Ayush and asks him to join. Ayush taunts that Lakshmi won’t get married and go to her Sasural. Malishka gets Lakshmi on the dance floor. Malishka and Saloni perform dance and begin the function. They ask Vikrant and Lakshmi to dance. Rishi gets sobbing seeing Lakshmi falling into Vikrant’s trap.